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Licensing for Foster Care and Adoption

Summary Suspension of a License

Definition In accordance with the Regulations of Connecticut State Agencies 17a-145-155, a summary suspension of a license occurs when the Department has reason to believe that there is a threat to the health or welfare of a child placed in a foster or prospective adoptive home.
Removal of Children

A summary suspension requires the immediate removal of all children covered by that license. 

No additional children may be placed in a home under summary suspension until a final decision is rendered.

Procedures to Suspend The table below explains the procedures for a summary suspension of a license:
Person Action
Licensing Worker          Submit a request for a summary suspension to the licensing supervisor and Program Supervisor including sufficient evidence to warrant the suspension.
Licensing Supervisor and Program Supervisor

Immediately upon receipt of a request and evidence to suspend,

          review the evidence

          consult with the Principal Attorney and other appropriate parties, as necessary, to determine if there are sufficient grounds to suspend

          coordinate with the child’s Social Worker for notification to the licensee and the immediate removal of any children covered by the license.

Program Supervisor

Immediately send a suspension notice to the licensee by certified mail, including the following information: 

          the reason(s) for, and duration of, the suspension

          if appropriate,

-         the expectations which the licensee must meet for restoration of the license

-         the conditions which must be met following the end of the suspension period

          notice of an intent to revoke the license

          notice of the licensee’s right and the procedure to request an administrative hearing if he/she does not agree with the suspension.


If the Department does not receive a written request for an administrative hearing within ten (10) days after the licensee receives the certified letter, the recommended action of the Department is accepted.

Office Staff

          File a copy of the certified letter in the licensee’s record. 

          Forward a copy of the certified letter to the Administrative Hearings Unit. 

          Document the resulting licensing action in LINK. 

          For an adoption license that is revoked, utilize DCF-335 to notify OFAS to withdraw the family’s registration as an adoptive resource. 

          Process a closed record for storage.


Placing a Foster Home On Hold For the policy and procedures to place a licensed foster home on hold pending the completion of an investigation of a report of abuse or neglect, see Policy 34-12-9.1, “Reports of Abuse or Neglect Concerning DCF Family Homes”.

Connecticut Department of Children and Families         Effective Date:  July 1, 2002  (New)

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