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Policy Manual

Removal Of A Child

Immediate Removal/96 Hour Hold: Procedures

Request for Approval of 96-Hour Hold When requesting approval for a 96-hour hold, the investigator shall
  • specify the conditions and facts on which the request is based
  • document these conditions and facts immediately on Immediate Removal/96-Hour Hold of Children (DCF-159)
  • submit the request for approval. (See Policy 34-10-4 for a list of those persons authorized to grant approval for a 96-hour hold.)

When the request is approved, the investigator shall

  • submit one copy of DCF-159 to the parent or guardian
  • file a copy of the DCF-159 in the child's uniform case record
  • document the approval for the hold on the legal screen in LINK.
Use of Police for Immediate Removal An investigator who is authorized to remove a child may request the presence of the local police during the removal, if necessary.

If any law enforcement officer is authorized to remove a child, the investigator shall cooperate with and accompany the law enforcement officer during the removal.

Informing the Parent or Guardian of Removal and Placement Decisions The Social Worker shall explain to the parent or guardian
  • why the 96-hour hold was initiated, and
  • that the Department, during this period of time, will further evaluate the situation and may approach the Superior Court - Juvenile Matters for an Order of Temporary Custody.

The Social Worker and supervisor shall decide whether the parent or guardian is to be told where the child will be placed. The parent's or guardian's right to know the child's location shall be respected unless this information must be withheld temporarily as a protective measure for the child and/or foster family.

Cross-Reference: See Chapter 36 for Placement policies and procedures.

Written Notification to Selected Caretaker At the time of placement, the investigator shall
  • provide the selected caretaker with a completed Immediate Removal/96-Hour Hold Placement Notification (DCF-160), and
  • file a copy of the DCF-160 in the child's case record.
Medical Care for the Child During the 96-hour hold, the Department shall
  • provide the child with all necessary medical care, which may include an examination by a physician or mental health professional with or without the consent of the child’s parent, guardian, or other person responsible for the child’s care, provided reasonable attempts have been made to obtain consent of the above persons.

NoteThe worker must document such attempts to obtain consent in the LINK record.

  • obtain a court order or the consent of the child's parent, guardian, or other person responsible for the child's care prior to securing any investigatory medical examination or medical care for the child that is not medically necessary.

Note:  During the course of any necessary medical examination, a physician may perform diagnostic tests and procedures necessary for the detection of child abuse or neglect.

When there is reasonable cause to believe that the child is in need of medical care, or the child shows signs of physical abuse or sexual abuse, the investigator shall

  • take the child directly from the home to a medical care facility where the child can be examined
  • provide the physician with the "Medical Request for Information" (DCF-2147)
  • obtain documentation of medical findings, including photographs of the area of trauma taken or caused to be taken by the physician .

Cross-Reference: 34-11, "Medical Examination of a Child"

Legal Reference:  CONN. GEN. STAT. 17a-101g(d).

Follow-Up to 96-Hour Hold The investigator and supervisor shall immediately make plans for the child's continuing needs beyond the 96-hour hold.

If return home is possible, protective service follow-up must be provided.

Time for Filing an Order of Temporary Custody If the child is not to be returned home, an Order of Temporary Custody must be obtained as soon as possible following removal and  prior to the expiration of the 96-hour hold.

Cross-Reference: 34-10-5, "Order of Temporary Custody"; and Chapter 46, Courts.

Connecticut Department of Children and Families                             Effective Date: December 1, 2000  (Revised)