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Policy Manual



An excused absence from a mandatory training session shall be granted only in an emergency situation.


Emergency means: a crisis in the employee’s family; or, a situation involving the employee’s workload which cannot not be managed by other Department personnel and which would result in danger to a child if the staff person is not contacted immediately.

Department Employee Responsibility

The employee shall

  • contact their supervisor within fifteen (15) minutes of the start of their work day when there is a personal emergency that prevents attendance at a mandatory training session.
  • immediately notify their supervisor of any situation involving the employee’s workload, which cannot be managed by other Department personnel, and request approval to postpone attendance at a mandatory session.

Supervisory Responsibility

The supervisor shall complete a "Report of Absences Of Employees From The Training Academy", (DCF-2033) on the day of such absence.

The completed form shall be placed in the employee’s personnel record within three (3) working days of the absence. A copy of the form shall be sent to the Training Academy within five (5) working days.

The supervisor shall ensure that the time card reflect a non-training activity for the specified day.

Notification of Training Academy

The supervisor shall call the Training Academy prior to 9:30 A.M. and provide notification that the employee will not be in attendance.

In the event that the absence is part of a multiple-day program, the supervisor will need to confirm with the trainer whether the employee will be permitted to attend the subsequent days of the course.

Employee’s Training Record

The DCF-2033 shall be filed in the employee’s training record and reviewed as part of the employee’s overall evaluation.

Training Academy Responsibility

In the event any employee is absent from training and the Training Academy has not been informed of the absence by the supervisor by the end of the training day. Training Academy personnel shall send notification to the employee’s Training Unit Program Supervisor/Regional Administrator/ Facility Superintendent and inform him/her of the absence.

Connecticut Department of Children and Families Effective Date: August 1, 1996 (Revised)