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Policy Manual



All employees are expected to demonstrate dependability by reporting to training, returning from breaks on time and completing the full training class.

Purpose of Training

The purpose of training is to provide fundamental or advanced skills so that Department employees may provide the best possible services to the citizens of Connecticut.

Effects of Tardiness

Tardiness will not be tolerated during training since it results in:

  • attendees missing training that may be essential to the provision of services to children and families
  • disruption of trainers and others in attendance.

Excused Tardiness

Tardiness shall be excused in the event of an emergency.

Emergency means: a crisis in the employee’s family; or, a situation involving the employee’s workload which cannot be managed by other Department personnel and which would result in danger to a child if the staff person is not contacted immediately.

Employee Responsibility

If for any reason, an employee scheduled for training, anticipates being tardy for a Training Academy run or sponsored class or course, he/she shall contact their supervisor prior to the beginning of the training session.

Supervisor Responsibility


Supervisors shall contact the Training Academy prior to the beginning of training to report employees who:

  • have called in, in anticipation of being tardy
  • are excused from class because of an emergency
  • must leave before the close of the class.

Supervisors shall ensure that the non-training activity code is used for the specified time that the employee was tardy from training.

Supervisors shall meet with employees who have been tardy for training the next business day the employee returns to their office.

The supervisor shall impress upon the employee the importance of being on time for training and seeking solutions which will prevent a reoccurrence of tardiness.

If there are more than two (2) incidents during the same training program, written confirmation of the verbal/written counseling will be required by the Training Academy, for the employee to be readmitted.

Training Academy Procedures

The Training Academy shall:

  • have employees sign an attendance sheet at the beginning of class, and may also distribute another attendance sheet fifteen (15) minutes prior to the conclusion of class
  • collect the attendance sheets
  • E-Mail notices of tardiness to supervisors with the names of those who were tardy and the Academy was not previously notified by the supervisor
  • retain the original of the attendance and late sheets.

Tardy Employees

Employees arriving after the beginning of class shall sign a late sheet with the Training Academy receptionist prior to being admitted to class.

The Training Academy retains the right to:

  • exclude an employee from any mandatory training program following the second tardiness incident until written confirmation of a supervisory counseling session with the employee is received
  • deny admission to any non-mandatory program by an employee who has repeated tardiness incidents.

Employees who miss any portion of the training time may receive an "incomplete" status for the course. An "incomplete" status would require an employee to make-up any missed training content.

Connecticut Department of Children and Families Effective Date: August 1, 1996 (Revised)