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Foster Care

Financial Information: Foster Care Reimbursement Structure


The foster care reimbursement structure implements one basic foster care reimbursement rate for expenses incurred on behalf of a child. 

The structure utilizes per diem rates, which reflect the updated United States Department of Agriculture figures. 

In addition, a rate is included for a minor parent placed into foster care with her child.
Basis for the Reimbursement Rates

The basis for the foster care reimbursement structure is the United States Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) “Expenditures on Children by Families.” 

The Department uses the section of this report entitled “Estimated Annual Expenditures on a Child by Husband-Wife Families, Urban Northeast” for a family in the middle-income bracket. 

The foster care reimbursement rates are classified by age and represent 100% of the USDA estimated expenditures on a child. 

The foster care reimbursement rates for a minor parent with child combine the rate for age 0 - 5 and age 12 and over and covers the expenses for both. 


·          For the foster care reimbursement rates, see Policy 36-55-25.2, “Financial Information:  Reimbursement Rates.” 

·          For the rate for children with complex medical needs, see Policy 41-7-7, “Exceptional Foster Care Rate.” 

·          For the subsidized relative guardianship rate, see Policy 41-50-6, “Monthly Subsidy.”  

·          For the subsidized adoption rate, see Policy 48-18-5, “Determination of the Amount and Type of Subsidy.”

Connecticut Department of Children and Families     Effective Date:  November 30, 2005  (Revised)