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Policy Manual
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Treatment Plan


The Voluntary Services Social Worker shall, together with the child/youth and family, develop a

treatment plan(s) outlining the family and child/youth’s needs and the services to be offered by the

Department to address those needs.

Treatment Planning Conference / Initial ACR


A Treatment Planning Conference/Initial Administrative Case Review (ACR) shall be held for the purpose of reviewing and signing the appropriate Treatment Plan. 

A Family Treatment Plan (DCF-529F) shall be written and reviewed within forty-five (45) days of case acceptance for services. 

A Child in Placement Treatment Plan (DCF-529-CIP) shall be written and reviewed within forty-five (45) days of the child’s initial placement. 

The Treatment Planning Conference shall be conducted at a time and location convenient for the parent/guardian and child/youth. 

The following persons shall be invited to the Treatment Planning Conference: 

          the parent/guardian 

          the youth if age twelve (12) years or older, and 

          counsel for the child/youth and parent/guardian. 

Any member of the Regional Resource Group,  community consultant, support staff worker,  community services provider or other professional involved in the case may also be invited to the Treatment Planning Conference.

 Cross-Reference:  Policy 36-5, Treatment Planning.

Developing the Treatment Plan

The development of the Treatment Plan must be done in coordination with the child/youth and parent/guardian.

Components of the Treatment Plan

The Treatment Plan shall consist of the following:

          the information gathered by the family, child/youth and the Department to determine eligibility for the program

          treatment and support services that have been offered and provided to the child/youth to strengthen and/or reunite the family

          the efforts that have been made or should be made to evaluate and plan for other modes of care if current services do not meet the needs of the child/youth, and

          any further efforts which have been or will be made to promote the best interest of the child/youth.

Cross-Reference:  Policy 36-5-5.1, Plan Components.  These components shall apply to Voluntary Services cases only as appropriate.


The Treatment Plan shall be signed by the

          Social Worker

          Social Work Supervisor

          parents/guardian, and

          child/youth, age twelve (12) years and older when present.

Review of the Treatment Plan

The Treatment Plan shall be reviewed by the

          Department at an Administrative Case Review every six (6) months, and

          Probate Court annually.

Cross-Reference:  Chapter 24, Administrative Case Review, and Policy 37-8, Probate Court Review.

Connecticut Department of Children and Families                     Effective Date:  June 28, 2002 (New)