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Policy Manual
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Adolescent Services

Support Programs and Services

High School Senior Year Expenses


The Department shall provide financial assistance to a committed youth for his/her high school senior year expenses, up to a maximum of $500.00, as outlined below.


To be eligible, the youth must be committed to the Department as abused, neglected, or uncared for, and enrolled in high school in:

       a public high school 

       a State of Connecticut Department of Education (SDE) private school, or

     an alternative education program (Adult Education, GED programs, Job Corps,
    or Americorps).

Allowable Expenses

The Department shall provide up to a maximum of five hundred dollars ($500.00) over the high school years for expenses including the following:


        yearbook portraits

         prom expenses (tuxedo or dress, tickets, pictures, flowers or  transportation)

          junior/senior class dues

          class ring

         class trip(s), and

        graduation cap and gown. 

Any other school-sponsored activity not included above may be covered on a case-by-case basis.

Procedure for Issuing Funds

Funds shall be issued directly to the youth after satisfactory documentation of costs have been provided, reviewed and approved as outlined below.  


A youth requesting high school expense funds must submit a request in writing to his or her Adolescent Specialist, with supporting documentation of the item(s) and/or the cost(s).  Acceptable documentation includes


      school notices that identify the item(s) and the cost(s), and 


      receipts for order(s) that identify the item(s) and cost(s).

The Adolescent Specialist and his/her supervisor shall review the request. All payments shall be subject to approval by the Adolescent Services Social Work Supervisor and the Program Supervisor. If the request is within this policy's guidelines, the Adolescent Specialist shall enter the payment into LINK.  


The Adolescent Specialist shall issue the payment through the LINK vendor number system for youth who do not have a vendor number.


The Adolescent Specialist shall document the following in LINK:

      requests for high school expenses, and

        provision of financial assistance, item(s), and cost(s).  

A copy of any request for financial assistance for high school expenses shall be filed in the Uniform Case Record.

Denial of Funds

If funds are denied, the youth shall be notified of the right to an administrative hearing pursuant to 17a-90-1 of the Regulations of Connecticut State Agencies, by use of the DCF-800 form.

  Connecticut Department of Children and Families  Effective Date:  August 3, 2006 (Revised)