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Independent (Interstate) Licenses

Independent (Interstate) Licenses


An Independent License is a child specific license that is utilized in interstate placements, as in the following situations: 

          to license a Connecticut family that will be providing foster, relative or pre-adoptive care for a child who is in the custody of another state or a private, out-of-state child placing agency and who will be placed into that Connecticut home 

          to license an out-of-state family that has moved into Connecticut with their foster, relative or pre-adoptive child (relocation of a family unit).  In these situations, although the parents have been licensed or approved by the other state for the care of that child, the parents must become licensed in Connecticut according to Connecticut’s regulations once they have relocated here.  The child will remain in the custody of the other state’s public or private child placing agency.

Interstate Compact Procedures Since the above types of cases must be referred from the sending state through the DCF Interstate Compacts Office, see Policy 47-3-4, “Placement of a Child Into Connecticut From Another State”, for the applicable interstate procedures.
FASU Assessment for Licensure

When requested by the Interstate Compacts Office to complete an assessment of a Connecticut family for an Independent license as in the situations described above, the assigned FASU Social Worker shall 

          Complete the assessment within thirty (30) working days of receipt of such a request or, for a Court Ordered Priority Request, within twenty (20) working days.   For relocation of a family unit, the family must become licensed or approved within sixty (60) working days of the family’s relocation to Connecticut. 

If these time limits cannot be met, the worker must notify the DCF Interstate Compacts Office of the reasons for the delay and the anticipated time for completion. 

          Complete and document the assessment on DCF-805, “Assessment for Licensure of a Relative, Special Study or Independent (Interstate Compact) Home”.  For Priority Requests, form ICPC-102, "Receiving State's Priority Home Study", may be used for documenting the assessment. 

          Complete DCF-0043, “Verification of Licensure Requirements”.

          Submit the above forms and any other supporting licensing documentation for approval by the FASU Social Work Supervisor and Program Supervisor. 

          When the home has been approved for licensure, notify the DCF Interstate Compacts Office and submit three (3) copies of the DCF-805, DCF-0043 and any other pertinent documentation concerning the placement to the Interstate Compacts Office. 

          Maintain the FASU hard copy licensing record. 

          Enter appropriate documentation of the family’s licensing status in LINK.

Renewal of the License

A person holding an Independent license shall be assessed biennially by a FASU worker for license renewal, according to the procedures in Policy 41-17-8, “Renewal of a License”. 

Utilize the following forms to document the renewal process:

          DCF-425, “Application to Renew a License for Foster care or Adoption”

          DCF-425B,  “Recommendation for License Renewal”.

Connecticut Department of Children and Families         Effective Date:  July 1, 2002 (New)