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Policy Manual


Medical Examination of a Child

Policy A medical examination shall be sought for children who are in the conditions listed below.

Each child who is assessed as being in imminent danger shall receive an examination as soon as possible, but no later than twenty-four (24) hours after receipt of the report.

Each child who is not in imminent danger shall receive a medical examination as soon as possible, but no later than five (5) days after the initiation of the investigation.

Definition Imminent danger is a situation in which failure to intervene immediately could result in the death of, or serious injury to, a child.
Conditions Requiring a Medical Examination Conditions requiring a medical examination of a child include
  • observable injuries, including bruises or scratches which are unexplained, at variance with the explanation given, or otherwise suspicious
  • speech or behavior which suggests the possibility of internal injuries or the need for medical care
  • development (e.g., weight, height) which is inconsistent with the expected range for the child's age
  • a report of the ingestion of any harmful substance
  • a report or indications of sexual molestation
  • other conditions which suggest the need for a medical evaluation.

Note: All of the above conditions require an assessment and a determination regarding the time frame for the medical examination.

Social work staff shall consult with supervisory staff and health providers to make this determination.

Permission for a Medical Examination The investigator shall seek permission for a medical examination of a child as follows:


Child’s Condition Permission Granted By...
Imminent Danger
  • voluntary consent from the parent or guardian, or if this is not possible, by
  • other appropriate action, including but not limited to,
    • a 96-hour hold
    • an Order of Temporary Custody
    • medical providers conducting a medical examination under the provisions of CONN. GEN. STAT. 17a-101.

Cross-Reference: 34-10-4.1, "Immediate Removal/96-Hour Hold: Procedures"

Not Imminent Danger
  • voluntary consent from the parent or guardian, or if the parent or guardian is unwilling to provide consent,
  • the Social Worker shall review the situation with his/her supervisor to determine the appropriate action or intervention.
Scheduling an Examination The assigned investigator shall ensure that a medical examination is scheduled.
Choosing a Physician for a Medical Examination Whenever possible, the investigator shall endeavor to schedule a medical examination with the child's pediatrician or regular source of medical care.

If such a provider is not available, an examination shall be immediately scheduled from a list of providers approved by the Commissioner.

Obtaining Documentation The investigator shall provide the physician with the "Medical Request for Information" (DCF-2147) and obtain documentation of the medical findings, including photographs of the area of trauma taken or caused to be taken by the physician.

Connecticut Department of Children and Families                                Effective Date: July 15, 1999  (Revised)