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Policy Manual
Quality Assurance

Responsibilities of the Quality Assurance Division (QAD)

Responsibilities of Quality Assurance

The Quality Assurance Division (QAD) is an essential component of the Department’s overall quality assurance effort and has the following responsibilities:  

          Develop, implement, track and report on the Department’s quality assurance plan (the IMPROVE Plan). 

          Support the efforts of the Department’s Quality Council to provide oversight of self-monitoring activities. 

          Monitor the consistency, utility, propriety and accuracy of the Department’s self-monitoring activities. 

          Promote coordination of quality assurance activities Department-wide through collaboration with the Quality Assurance liaisons  from each region. 

          Provide the second level review and tracking of managerial and urgent case practice issues identified through the Treatment Planning Conference/ Administrative Case Review process. 

           Provide technical assistance and training to the Department’s programs, facilities and regions in order to provide support for quality assurance activities and ensure consistency across programs, bureaus, regions and facility quality assurance committees. 

           Participate in key strategic planning, program development, implementation and evaluation committees.

Regional QA Liaisons

Each region shall have a quality assurance liaison who will 

          coordinate with the Quality Assurance Division regarding regional quality assurance matters, and 

          meet periodically with the Quality Assurance Director to 

-          discuss policy and procedural changes to be implemented at the regional level 

-          share feedback from the regions regarding the implementation of policy and procedural changes 

-          share concerns and issues that can be addressed through QA reviews and policy and procedural changes, and 

-          assist the Quality Assurance Division in evaluating the implementation status of recommendations for corrective actions from comprehensive evaluations and focused reviews.

Facility QA Committees The Quality Assurance Division shall participate in and coordinate with the Department’s facility quality assurance committees.
Access to Staff and Information The Quality Assurance Division shall have access to all Department records, staff and information as necessary to carry out its responsibilities.

Connecticut Department of Children and Families                                                          Effective Date:  February 15, 2003 (Revised)

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