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Brownfield Revolving Loan Fund - South Central CT Regional Growth Partnership:
Agency: Department of Economic and Community Development
Purpose: Site assessment & remediation of contaminated properties
Contact: Peter Stein or any staff person
Phone: (203) 821-3682
Email: regiongrowthpartner@rgp-ct.org.
Website: http://www.rgp-ct.org
Type of Assistance: Grant, Loan
Site assessment & remediation of contaminated properties via grants & loans to applicants within the in the South Central Regional Growth Partnership area.
Brownfield Revolving Loan Fund, CT EPA
Agency: Department of Economic and Community Development
Purpose: Remediation of brownfields (contaminated properties) in distressed municipalities (www.ct.gov/opm/lib/opm/IGP/grants/datagrts/dismun2004.doc)
Contact: Chet Camarata
Phone: (860) 270-8140
Website: http://www.ctbrownfields.gov
Type of Assistance: Loans & Grants (up to 40% of total needed)
Authority: EPA
Revolving loan program for site assessment and remediation of brownfields statewide. Priority applications are for projects located in distressed municipalities. Funded by $1M EPA grant.
Brownfield Revolving Loan Fund, Hartford - EPA
Agency: Department of Economic and Community Development
Purpose: Remediate contaminated properties in the City of Hartford.
Contact: Chet Camarata
Phone: (860) 270-8140
Email: chet.camarata@po.state.ct.us
Website: http://www.ctbrownfields.gov
Type of Assistance: Loan & Grant (40% of assistance)
Authority:  EPA
Assessment of contamination & remediation of properties within the City of Hartford, with funds from EPA.
Brownfield Revolving Loan Program - Naugatuck Valley (NW & SW CT)
Agency: Department of Economic and Community Development
Purpose: Site Assessment and Remediation of contaminated properties
Contact: Arthur Bogen (or Rick Dunne)
Phone: (203) 735-8688
Email: rbp@valleycog.org
Website: http://www.valleycog.org/brownfields.html
Type of Assistance: Loan
Authority: CGS Sec. 32-220 through 32-244a
Assessment & remediation of contaminated sites in the Naugatuck Valley region (NW & SW CT), supported by an EPA grant & DECD's Manufacturer’s Assistance Act revolving loan program fund.
Community Economic Development Fund (CEDF) - Eastern CT Segmented Loan Fund & Southwestern CT Segmented Loan Fund through :
Agency: Connecticut Housing Finance Authority
Purpose: Provide loans to start-up & existing businesses, that have difficulty obtaining traditional financing, located in a Public Investment Community (PIC)*. If business is not located in PIC*, it must meet income guidelines: 100% HUD SMI**.
Contact: Donna Wertenbach
Phone: (860) 249-3800
Email: d.wertenbach@cedf.com
Website: http://www.cedf.com
Type of Assistance: Loan
Authority: Governor's initiative
Provide to existing business owners, in business for 3 years, a maximum loan of $500,000 at a 1% discounted rate for property to be partially/fully owner occupied. *PICs including Targeted Investment Communities (TICs) are eligible. **State Median Income.
Special Contaminated Properties Remediation and Insurance Fund (SCPRIF)
Agency: Department of Economic and Community Development
Purpose: Site assessment, remediation, brownfields assistance
Contact: Chet Camarata
Phone: (860) 270-8140
Email: Chet.Camarata@po.state.ct.us
Website: http://www.ctbrownfields.gov
Type of Assistance: Loans
Authority: CGS-22a-133u
This program provides loans to Environmental Site Assessments, clean-up and demolition on sites that are underutilized due perceived site contamination problems. This "brownfield" redevelopment loan program is available statewide.
Urban Sites Remedial Action Program
Agency: Department of Economic and Community Development
Purpose: Environmental site assessment, remediation, and related costs in the State’s distressed areas
Contact: Chet Camarata
Phone: (860) 270-8140
Email: Chet.Camarata@ct.gov
Website: http://www.ctbrownfields.gov
Type of Assistance: Grants or Loans
Authority: Chapter 22a-133m
To facilitate the transfer, reuse and redevelopment of potentially polluted commercial and industrial real property (brownfields) which otherwise would remain vacant. When necessary, the state can commit funds to prepare the planning and implementation.
Agency: Connecticut Development Authority
Purpose: Loan guarantees for small businesses unable to obtain bank financing
Contact: John Lobon
Phone: (860) 258-7825
Email: john.lobon@ctcda.com
Website: http://www.ctcda.com/CMSLite/default.asp?CMSLite_Page=52&Info=URBANK
Type of Assistance: Loan Guarantee
Authority: 32-23c
1. The bank is unable to approve the borrower's loan request without URBANK assistance, 2. URBANK provides the bank with loss protection on loans up to $350,000. 3. Program is carried out in partnerships with participating financial institutions.


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