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Affordable Housing Program - Flex
Agency: Department of Economic and Community Development
Purpose: Provide affordable housing to persons/families with low to moderate incomes.
Contact: Karen Santana
Phone: (860) 270-8224
Email: Karen.santana@ct.gov
Website: http://www.ct.gov/ecd/cwp/view.asp?a=1098&q=253406
Type of Assistance: Grants, Loans & Reduction in Principle/Interest
Authority: CGS Sec. 8-37 pp
A housing production program known as "flex", funded through State bonds. Eligible applicants include municipalities, non-profit organizations, local housing authorities, & for-profit developers.
Brownfield Revolving Loan Fund - South Central CT Regional Growth Partnership:
Agency: Department of Economic and Community Development
Purpose: Site assessment & remediation of contaminated properties
Contact: Peter Stein or any staff person
Phone: (203) 821-3682
Email: regiongrowthpartner@rgp-ct.org.
Website: http://www.rgp-ct.org
Type of Assistance: Grant, Loan
Site assessment & remediation of contaminated properties via grants & loans to applicants within the in the South Central Regional Growth Partnership area.
Brownfield Revolving Loan Fund, CT EPA
Agency: Department of Economic and Community Development
Purpose: Remediation of brownfields (contaminated properties) in distressed municipalities (www.ct.gov/opm/lib/opm/IGP/grants/datagrts/dismun2004.doc)
Contact: Chet Camarata
Phone: (860) 270-8140
Website: http://www.ctbrownfields.gov
Type of Assistance: Loans & Grants (up to 40% of total needed)
Authority: EPA
Revolving loan program for site assessment and remediation of brownfields statewide. Priority applications are for projects located in distressed municipalities. Funded by $1M EPA grant.
Brownfield Revolving Loan Fund, Hartford - EPA
Agency: Department of Economic and Community Development
Purpose: Remediate contaminated properties in the City of Hartford.
Contact: Chet Camarata
Phone: (860) 270-8140
Email: chet.camarata@po.state.ct.us
Website: http://www.ctbrownfields.gov
Type of Assistance: Loan & Grant (40% of assistance)
Authority:  EPA
Assessment of contamination & remediation of properties within the City of Hartford, with funds from EPA.
Brownfield Revolving Loan Program - Naugatuck Valley (NW & SW CT)
Agency: Department of Economic and Community Development
Purpose: Site Assessment and Remediation of contaminated properties
Contact: Arthur Bogen (or Rick Dunne)
Phone: (203) 735-8688
Email: rbp@valleycog.org
Website: http://www.valleycog.org/brownfields.html
Type of Assistance: Loan
Authority: CGS Sec. 32-220 through 32-244a
Assessment & remediation of contaminated sites in the Naugatuck Valley region (NW & SW CT), supported by an EPA grant & DECD's Manufacturer’s Assistance Act revolving loan program fund.
Brownfields Redevelopment Financing
Agency: Connecticut Development Authority
Purpose: Remediation development of existing Brownfields sites
Contact: Cynthia Petruzello
Phone: (860) 258-7833
Email: Cynthia.petruzzello@ctcda.com
Website: http://www.ctbrownfields.com
Type of Assistance: Grant Payment
Authority: 32-23zz
CDA provides financing for Brownfields remediation. The financing is paid by a pledge of future incremental property taxes from the municipality.
Clean Water Fund Program
Agency: Department of Environmental Protection
Purpose: To provide financial assistance to municipalities for planning, design and construction of wastewater collection and treatment projects.
Contact: Grant and Clean Water Fund 
Phone: (860) 424-3704
Website: http://www.ct.gov/dep/cwp/view.asp?a=2719&q=325578&depNav_GID=1654
Type of Assistance: Grant Payment, Loan
Authority: Federal Clean Water Act 33 U.S.C. 1251 et. Seq.
The Connecticut Clean Water Fund (CWF) is the state's environmental infrastructure assistance program. It provides a combination of grants and loans to municipalities which undertake water pollution control projects at the direction of the DEP.
Distressed Municipalities - Reimbursement of Tax Loss for Exemptions
Agency: Office of Policy and Management
Purpose: To provide state reimbursement to eligible municipalities for a portion of the revenue loss sustained as a result of property tax exemptions granted to eligible manufacturing and service facilities.
Contact: LeAnn Graham
Phone: (860) 418-6278
Email: leeann.graham@ct.gov
Website: http://www.ct.gov/opm/cwp/view.asp?a=2985&q=383140&opmNav_GID=1807
Type of Assistance: Grant
Authority: CGS Sec 12-81(59), (60) and (70), 12-81k and 32-9p through 32-9s, and 32-80
provides a 5-year state reimbursement of a portion of the property tax loss towns sustain as a result of property tax exemptions granted to qualified manufacturing facilities located in designated municipalities (designated by DECD).
Drinking Water State Revolving Fund
Agency: Department of Public Health
Purpose: To provide low interest loans to public and private water systems for the purpose of upgrading, replacing, or constructing new water system infrastructure components.
Contact: Cameron Walden
Phone: (860) 509-7333
Email: Cameron.walden@ct.gov
Website: http://www.ct.gov/dph/cwp/view.asp?a=3139&q=387340
Type of Assistance: Loan
Authority: CGS Sec. 22a-475 to 483
The DWSRF provides low interest loans to public water systems. Loans can be repaid within 20 years. A portion of the State grant may be used to fund activities that encourage enhanced water system management and source water protection.
Agency: Department of Environmental Protection
Purpose: Grant program for the planning, design and implementation of greenways around the state.
Contact: Laurie Giannotti
Phone: (860) 424-3578
Email: laurie.giannotti@po.state.ct.us
Website: http://www.ct.gov/dep/cwp/view.asp?a=2707&q=323854&depNav_GID=1704&depNav=|
Type of Assistance: Grant payment
Grants of up to $5000 for planning, design and implementation of greenways. Land acquisition and/or construction activities are not eligible for these grants. Funding provided through the sale of greenway license plates.
HOME Investment Partnerships Program
Agency: Department of Economic and Community Development
Purpose: Provide affordable housing to persons/families with low to moderate incomes.
Contact: Edward LaChance
Phone: (860) 270-8099
Email: Edward.lachance@ct.gov
Website: http://www.ct.gov/ecd/cwp/view.asp?a=1098&q=249716
Type of Assistance: Grant, Loan & Reduction in Loan Principle/Interest
Authority: RCSA Sec. 24 CFR Part 92
Creation of both owner-occupied & rental affordable housing for low & moderate-income households. Allows for a wide range of eligible applicants & project types. Typically, CT receives $13M awarded via a formula.
Housing Trust Fund Program
Agency: Department of Economic and Community Development
Purpose: Provide affordable housing to persons/families at low to moderate income levels
Contact: Deb Russo
Phone: (860) 270-8223
Email: Deborah.russo@ct.gov
Website: http://www.ct.gov/ecd/cwp/view.asp?a=1104&q=316526
Type of Assistance: Grant, Loan & Reduction in Loan Principle/Interest
Authority: CGS 8-336 m
Provision of competitively awarded loans &/or grants, funded through State bonds, to eligible sponsors of affordable housing .
Industrial Parks Program
Agency: Department of Economic and Community Development
Purpose: Development of industrial parks by municipalities.
Contact: Chet Camarata
Phone: (860) 270-8140
Email: chet.camarata@po.state.ct.us
Website: http://www.ct.gov/ecd/cwp/view.asp?a=1101&q=249820
Type of Assistance: Grant up to 50% of project cost
Authority: CGS Sec. 32-220 thru 32-234, 8-186 thru 8-200
Creation of new sites for industrial employers & improvement of existing manufacturing facilities through planning, development, & construction of industrial parks. DECD works with municipalities & developers to improve towns' economic resources.
Local Capitol Improvement Program (LoCIP)
Agency: Office of Policy and Management
Purpose: To provide reimbursement to cities, towns and boroughs for specific capital projects (such as road, bridge or sewer construction) and to encourage development of a five year Local Capital Improvement Plan.
Contact: Sandy Huber
Phone: (860) 418-6293
Email: sandra.huber@ct.gov
Website: http://www.ct.gov/opm/cwp/view.asp?a=2985&q=383108&opmNav_GID=1807
Type of Assistance: Grant, Reimbursement
Authority: CGS Sec 7-535 to 7- 538
The Local Capital Improvement Program (LoCIP) distributes funds to municipalities to reimburse the cost of eligible local capital improvement projects such as road, bridge or public building construction activities.
Manufacturer’s Assistance Act - MAA
Agency: Department of Economic and Community Development
Purpose: Assist manufacturing, municipal development of industrial parks, & other business assistance.
Contact: Holly Campo de la Vera
Phone: (860) 270-8045
Email: holly.campodelavera@po.state.ct.us
Website: http://www.ct.gov/ecd/cwp/view.asp?a=1095&q=300162
Type of Assistance: Grant, Loan
Authority: CGS Sec. _32-220 through 32-244a
Provides direct assistance to manufacturing/other economic base industries, town development for industrial parks/other business assistance, eg planning, property/equipment acquisition, construction, relocation, working capital, & business support service
Manufacturing Machinery and Equipment Exemption Program
Agency: Office of Policy and Management
Purpose: The Manufacturing Machinery and Equipment Exemption Program provides for 100 % exemption of local property taxes on qualified, newly acquired manufacturing machinery and equipment.
Contact: Shirley Corona
Phone: (860) 418-6221
Email: shirley.corona@ct.gov
Website: http://www.ct.gov/opm/cwp/view.asp?a=2985&q=383148&opmNav_GID=1807
Type of Assistance: Reimburesment
Authority: CGS: Secs 12-81(72), 12-81k, 12-94b and 12-94c.
The State of Connecticut reimburses municipalities for the exemptions granted under the provisions of the program. Qualified manufacturing and biotechnology companies may receive a tax exemption on their local property taxes for a period of five years.
Neighborhood Revitalization Zone Coordination (NRZ)
Agency: Office of Policy and Management
Purpose: The objective of the NRZ process is to revitalize neighborhoods through the collaborative involvement of residents, businesses and government.
Contact: Joan Hubbard
Phone: (860) 418-6306
Email: joan.hubbard@ct.gov
Website: http://www.ct.gov/opm/cwp/view.asp?a=2985&q=383116&opmNav_GID=1807
Type of Assistance: Grants
Authority: CGS Sec. 7-600 - 7-608
The NRZ process provides a mechanism for local stakeholders, along with local municipal officials, to develop a strategic plan to revitalize their neighborhood. Muncipalities may establish zones by resolution of their legislative body.
Small Cities Program (CDBG)
Agency: Department of Economic and Community Development
Purpose: Provide small cities, under 50,000 population, with grant funds for community development activities (Part of the Federal Community Development Block Grant Program).
Contact: Veronica Hunter
Phone: (860) 270-8236
Email: veronica.hunter@ct.gov
Website: http://www.ct.gov/ecd/cwp/view.asp?a=1098&q=249736
Type of Assistance: Grant
Authority: Federal Sec. 24 CFR Pt 570
Grants for community developent activities. Projects must principally benefit low and moderate income persons (at least %51) eliminate a blight or slum, or address an urgent need.
Small Town Economic Assistance Program (STEAP)
Agency: Office of Policy and Management
Purpose: Provide Economic Development funding for capital projects to Connecticut's small towns.
Contact: Lisa DuBois
Phone: (860) 418-6209
Email: lisa.hadley@ct.gov
Website: http://www.ct.gov/opm/cwp/view.asp?a=2965&Q=382970&opmNav=|
Type of Assistance: Grant
Authority: C.G.S. 4-66c as amended by PA 05-5
The Small Town Economic Assistance Program (STEAP) funds economic development, community conservation and quality of life projects for localities that are ineligible to receive Urban Action bonds. The maximum grant amount is $500,000 per year.
Special Contaminated Properties Remediation and Insurance Fund (SCPRIF)
Agency: Department of Economic and Community Development
Purpose: Site assessment, remediation, brownfields assistance
Contact: Chet Camarata
Phone: (860) 270-8140
Email: Chet.Camarata@po.state.ct.us
Website: http://www.ctbrownfields.gov
Type of Assistance: Loans
Authority: CGS-22a-133u
This program provides loans to Environmental Site Assessments, clean-up and demolition on sites that are underutilized due perceived site contamination problems. This "brownfield" redevelopment loan program is available statewide.
State-Owned Property - Payment in Lieu of Taxes (PILOT)
Agency: Office of Policy and Management
Purpose: To provide state reimbursement to towns of the property tax loss on eligible state-owned real property.
Contact: Paul LaBella
Phone: (860) 418-6313
Email: paul.labella@ct.gov
Website: http://www.ct.gov/opm/cwp/view.asp?a=2985&q=383162&opmNav_GID=1807
Type of Assistance: Reimbursement
Authority: CGS 12-19a, 12- 19b and 12-19c, RCSA §12-19b-1 and §12-19b-2
This program provides a payment in lieu of local property taxes (PILOT) for property owned and used by the State of Connecticut. The payment is equal to a percentage of the amount of taxes that would be paid if the property were not exempt from taxation.
Surface Transportation Enhancement Program
Agency: Department of Transporation
Purpose: To fund projects that go above and beyond what is customarily considered part of a transportation activity.
Contact: Kathryn A. Faraci
Phone: (860) 594-2160
Email: kathryn.faraci@po.state.ct.us
Website: http://www.ct.gov/dot
Type of Assistance: Reimbursement program at 80%
Authority: SAFETEA-LU Section(s) 113, 1122, 6003
The enhancement activities must relate to the Intermodal transportation system by reason of function or impact and must be encompassed in one of the twelve federally-eligible enhancement areas.
The Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality (CMAQ) Improvement Program.
Agency: Department of Transportation
Purpose: To fund transportation projects or programs that will contribute to attainment or maintenance of the national ambient air quality standards (NAAQS) for ozone, carbon monoxide (CO), and particulate matter (PM)
Contact: Grayson Wright
Phone: (860) 594-2154
Email: grayson.wright@po.state.ct.us
Website: http://www.ct.gov/dot
Type of Assistance: Reimbursement program (80% or for limited projects 100%)
Authority: Federal Clean Air Act (CAA), Title 42,
Funds transportation projects and programs that contribute to the attainment or maintenance of National Ambient Air Quality Standards (NAAQS) in non-attainment or air quality maintenance areas for ozone, carbon monoxide, or particulate matter.
Urban Act Funds
Agency: Department of Economic and Community Development
Purpose: Promote urban planning & development activities.
Contact: Chet Camarata
Phone: (860) 270-8140
Email: chet.camarata@po.state.ct.us
Website: http://www.ct.gov/ecd/LIB/ecd/20/14/Urban%20Act%20Application%20URI.PDF
Type of Assistance: Grant
Authority: CGS Sec. 4-66c
Statewide municipal funding for planning, design & development projects which redirect, improve & expand state activities that promote community conservation & development & improve the quality of life for urban residents of the state.
Urban Sites Remedial Action Program
Agency: Department of Economic and Community Development
Purpose: Environmental site assessment, remediation, and related costs in the State’s distressed areas
Contact: Chet Camarata
Phone: (860) 270-8140
Email: Chet.Camarata@ct.gov
Website: http://www.ctbrownfields.gov
Type of Assistance: Grants or Loans
Authority: Chapter 22a-133m
To facilitate the transfer, reuse and redevelopment of potentially polluted commercial and industrial real property (brownfields) which otherwise would remain vacant. When necessary, the state can commit funds to prepare the planning and implementation.
Agency: Connecticut Development Authority
Purpose: Loan guarantees for small businesses unable to obtain bank financing
Contact: John Lobon
Phone: (860) 258-7825
Email: john.lobon@ctcda.com
Website: http://www.ctcda.com/CMSLite/default.asp?CMSLite_Page=52&Info=URBANK
Type of Assistance: Loan Guarantee
Authority: 32-23c
1. The bank is unable to approve the borrower's loan request without URBANK assistance, 2. URBANK provides the bank with loss protection on loans up to $350,000. 3. Program is carried out in partnerships with participating financial institutions.


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