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Brownfield Revolving Loan Program - Naugatuck Valley (NW & SW CT)
Agency: Department of Economic and Community Development
Purpose: Site Assessment and Remediation of contaminated properties
Contact: Arthur Bogen (or Rick Dunne)
Phone: (203) 735-8688
Email: rbp@valleycog.org
Website: http://www.valleycog.org/brownfields.html
Type of Assistance: Loan
Authority: CGS Sec. 32-220 through 32-244a
Assessment & remediation of contaminated sites in the Naugatuck Valley region (NW & SW CT), supported by an EPA grant & DECD's Manufacturer’s Assistance Act revolving loan program fund.
Brownfields Redevelopment Financing
Agency: Connecticut Development Authority
Purpose: Remediation development of existing Brownfields sites
Contact: Cynthia Petruzello
Phone: (860) 258-7833
Email: Cynthia.petruzzello@ctcda.com
Website: http://www.ctbrownfields.com
Type of Assistance: Grant Payment
Authority: 32-23zz
CDA provides financing for Brownfields remediation. The financing is paid by a pledge of future incremental property taxes from the municipality.
Agency: Department of Environmental Protection
Purpose: Grant program for the planning, design and implementation of greenways around the state.
Contact: Laurie Giannotti
Phone: (860) 424-3578
Email: laurie.giannotti@po.state.ct.us
Website: http://www.ct.gov/dep/cwp/view.asp?a=2707&q=323854&depNav_GID=1704&depNav=|
Type of Assistance: Grant payment
Grants of up to $5000 for planning, design and implementation of greenways. Land acquisition and/or construction activities are not eligible for these grants. Funding provided through the sale of greenway license plates.
Open Space and Watershed Land Acquisition Grant Program
Agency: Department of Environmental Protection
Purpose: To provide funding to municipalities, non-profit land conservation organizations, and water companies to protect open space
Contact: David Stygar
Phone: (860) 424-3016
Email: David.Stygar@po.state.ct.us
Website: http://www.ct.gov/dep/cwp/view.asp?a=2706&q=323834&depNav_GID=1641
Type of Assistance: Grant payment
Authority: CGS Sec. 7-131d through 7-131i
Grants may be made for the purchase of land that has specific environmental attributes outlined on website.
Regional Planning Grant-In-Aid
Agency: Office of Policy and Management
Purpose: To provide general financial support to 15 Regional Planning Organizations in the performance of their statutory responsibilities and associated elective work activities.
Contact: Richard Van Ausdall
Phone: (860) 418-6432
Email: richard.van_ausdall@ct.gov
Website: http://www.ct.gov/opm/cwp/view.asp?a=2985&q=383160&opmNav_GID1807
Type of Assistance: Grant
Authority: CGS Sec 4-124c through 4-124q and 8-31 through 8-37b.
Each Regional Planning Agency, each Regional Council of Governments and each Regional Council of Elected Officials in a region without a regional planning agency, is entitled to a grant-in-aid to support its various planning activities.
Section 319 Grant Program (Nonpoint Source Pollution)
Agency: Department of Environmental Protection
Purpose: To protect public health and the environment from the impacts of nonpoint sources of pollution.
Contact: Stan Zaremba
Phone: (860) 424-4055
Email: stanley.zaremba@po.state.ct.us
Website: http://www.ct.gov/dep/cwp/view.asp?a=2719&q=325594&depNav_GID=1654
Type of Assistance: Grant Payment
Authority: The Clean Water Act (33 U.S.C. 1329)
Funding priorities are for implementation projects, particularly those that address a documented non-point source pollution-related water quality impairment identified on Connecticut’s List of Impaired Waterbodies.
Surface Transportation Enhancement Program
Agency: Department of Transporation
Purpose: To fund projects that go above and beyond what is customarily considered part of a transportation activity.
Contact: Kathryn A. Faraci
Phone: (860) 594-2160
Email: kathryn.faraci@po.state.ct.us
Website: http://www.ct.gov/dot
Type of Assistance: Reimbursement program at 80%
Authority: SAFETEA-LU Section(s) 113, 1122, 6003
The enhancement activities must relate to the Intermodal transportation system by reason of function or impact and must be encompassed in one of the twelve federally-eligible enhancement areas.
The Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality (CMAQ) Improvement Program.
Agency: Department of Transportation
Purpose: To fund transportation projects or programs that will contribute to attainment or maintenance of the national ambient air quality standards (NAAQS) for ozone, carbon monoxide (CO), and particulate matter (PM)
Contact: Grayson Wright
Phone: (860) 594-2154
Email: grayson.wright@po.state.ct.us
Website: http://www.ct.gov/dot
Type of Assistance: Reimbursement program (80% or for limited projects 100%)
Authority: Federal Clean Air Act (CAA), Title 42,
Funds transportation projects and programs that contribute to the attainment or maintenance of National Ambient Air Quality Standards (NAAQS) in non-attainment or air quality maintenance areas for ozone, carbon monoxide, or particulate matter.
Urban Act Funds
Agency: Department of Economic and Community Development
Purpose: Promote urban planning & development activities.
Contact: Chet Camarata
Phone: (860) 270-8140
Email: chet.camarata@po.state.ct.us
Website: http://www.ct.gov/ecd/LIB/ecd/20/14/Urban%20Act%20Application%20URI.PDF
Type of Assistance: Grant
Authority: CGS Sec. 4-66c
Statewide municipal funding for planning, design & development projects which redirect, improve & expand state activities that promote community conservation & development & improve the quality of life for urban residents of the state.
Urban Forestry Program
Agency: Department of Environmental Protection
Purpose: To support and further advance urban forestry in Connecticut.
Contact: Chris Donnelly
Phone: (860) 424-3718
Email: chris.donnelly@po.state.ct.us
Website: http://www.ct.gov/dep/cwp/view.asp?a=2697&q=322872&depNav_GID=1631
Type of Assistance: Grant payments and technical assistance
Provides technical assistance and grants to promote urban forestry, including trees along roads and highways, in park and recreation areas, and in residential and commercial neighborhoods.


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