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  In filing this complaint, I acknowledge that the Attorney General does not represent me individually, but represents the State of Connecticut in enforcing laws designed to protect the public from deceptive or unfair practices. I understand that all questions concerning my legal rights or responsibilities, should be directed to the private attorney of my choosing.

  I acknowledge that information submitted to the Office of the Attorney General may be considered public information subject to disclosure under the Connecticut Freedom Of Information Act, Connecticut General Statutes Section 1-200 et. seq.

  I understand that the Attorney General’s Office may contact the person or business that is the subject of the complaint. I authorize the Attorney General’s Office to provide a copy of this completed form and any attached documents to all necessary parties including the person or business that is subject of the complaint.

Signed By:
  By typing my full name above and checking this box, I certify that the above complaint is true and accurate to the best of my knowledge and that any documents attached are true and accurate copies of original, and I adopt this as my online signature.
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