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Have Fun With Connecticut Symbols and Places




Note: Java must be enabled in your browser.

Concentration Game

Level 1 Animals
Level 1 Shapes
Level 1 Fruit

level 2 symbols
Level 2 Color Connecticut

level 3 twain
Level3 shapes
Level3 screen beans

How to Play

  1. Click on any puzzle to play.  Levels go up with difficulty.

  2. In the puzzle, turn cards over by clicking any card.  Only two cards can be displayed at a time.

  3. Remember the images under each card and continue until you find a pair of images that match exactly.

  4. If you correctly match two card images, both cards disappear and a secret larger image will begin to appear.

  5. After all cards are removed, click on the secret image to finish.

  6. Need help?  Click the SOLVE button.

  7. Start over and create a new puzzle at any time by pressing the SCRAMBLE button.


What is your fewest attempts to solve each puzzle?